Sky Rocketing your Sales Conversions

with Mary Bicknell

Mary Bicknell

Mary Bicknell has been helping people regret proof their life & make shit happen for 20+ years. She is a believer that every single one of us is more powerful than we know we just forgot because life got in the way. Having increased her business 450% in a single year by finally getting her sales & discovery calls down TIGHT, she now teaches other biz owners how to have all the confidence, clients & cash they crave by mastering the single most important 2 skills: mindset & ROI.

And for the weirdo facts: she has had 7 black cats, cries at sappy commercials, speaks on stages all over, and is really just an introvert by nature. Thank god she had those first 35 no’s in a row it motivated her to say fuck no to being broke! 

3 Keys to Building Your Own Big, Bold Life & Biz…

(R.O.I. is what makes them buy!)

Mastering R.O.I. (Return On Investment) creates: confidence, clients and cash.


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